9 Delicious Keto Bread Options

Keto bread! Can you have bread during keto? You can! And these 9 recipe ideas will inspire you like no other. Satisfy your carb and bread cravings while enjoying approved “bread” options on a ketogenic diet. Here they are…

1. Keto Friendly Bread – by Keto Connect

2. Easy Keto Bread – by Wholesome Yum

3. 90 Second Keto Bread – by The Kitchn

4. Orowheat Keto Bread (no baking required)  – get it at Kroger

5. Keto Bread – by Fat for Weight Loss

6. Keto Cinnamon Bread – by Sweet As Honey

7. Keto Cinnamon Sweet Bread – by My Keto Kitchen

8. Keto Sweet Bread Easter Bread – by The Hungry Elephant

9. Keto Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls – by Carb Manager

Why Bread During Keto?

keto bread

I LOVE bread! I’m a bread fanatic which is probably one of the reasons why a keto diet is so difficult for me. I’ve tried keto a bunch of times and it works, no doubt, keto symptoms and all.

But, without bread it can be difficult, for carb lovers.

That’s where a keto bread recipe comes in handy.

Keto Bread Recipes or Buy Keto Bread?

To bake or not to bake keto bread?

It’s totally up to you!

I love baking so preparing and baking up a fresh loaf of keto bread sounds amazing to me. At the same time, it’s so easy just to grab a loaf from the grocery store and with keto being more mainstream now than ever, it’s easy to find keto bread at any local or chain grocery store.

The benefit of baking bread is freshness and a cheaper alternative than the store bought stuff.

However, buying bread is beneficial because it’s easy and if you’re not a baker, you might mess up a bread recipe.

Hope these recipes from some of my favorite keto sites have helped. Enjoy!

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