12 Skinny Girl Habits That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you ever wonder what the skinnies actually do? You work so hard to maintain your figure, eat healthy and stay active and you want to know what’s the secret to the skinny physique of others. If you are looking to shed a little extra weight, check out these skinny girl habits to help you get your dream figure in no time. Learn how skinny girls do it, how they eat, what they do, how they get fit and lose weight and more. Check this out!

1. Skinny Girls Eat What They Want

People who are skinny eat everything they want. It might sound pretty surprising but no foods are off limits. This is critical because if you feel like you are deprived, it makes you want to indulge even more. Like when you give up chocolate for a month to clear up your skin then binge on it to no end! Nothing is off limits and you should avoid banning your favorites. The key is to enjoy foods in moderation.

2. Skinny Girls Cook at Home

Cooking at home is so awesome. It’s fun and you can create nutritious meals from the comfort of your kitchen. Eating out can get dull, boring and so fattening. The unnecessary calories will not fair well on your waistline. Avoid these empty calories and embrace home cooking. Get really inventive with it and have fun. Peruse Pinterest to get inspired and start cooking at home to lose weight!

3. Skinny Girls Eat Dinner Early

Eating the last meal of the day early helps your digestive system get plenty of time to work that food off in time for bedtime. Aim for stopping food at least 3 hours before you hit the hay. This makes a big difference. When I stopped eating at 7-8ish every night instead of 11-1am like normal, I dropped about 4 pounds in my first week alone!

4. Skinny Girls Weigh Themselves Daily

When I was in my college days, at the peak of fitness, this was a routine for me. I was around 150 at 6’0″ tall. I weighed myself every single day. It held me accountable and I never gained weight doing this. As I grew up and went into adulthood, this changed and so did my waistline.

Checking the scale often can help you stay trim and keep your weight in check. You can track progress every single day and this is a common habit of skinny people.

5. Skinny Girls Don’t Turn to Food For Happiness

Do you notice that every time you celebrate or drown in something unfortunate, you turn to food? So, for the good stuff, food, and for the bad things, food. This needs to stop!

Food is not happiness. Try something else to celebrate, like treating yourself to a massage or pedicure. When you’re upset, turn to working out, gardening, or something else to keep you active. It will help clear your mind and make you feel better.

6. Skinny Girls Pass on Upsizing Food

Would you like to supersize for $.20 more? No!

Sure, it’s a good deal but it’s not a good deal for your body. It can be tempting but always say no. It’s extra calories.

7. Skinny Girls Stop Eating When Hunger Stops

Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until hunger stops. This one can be a tough habit to adopt but try and keep trying. Once it becomes routine, it will become habit.

8. Skinny Girls Eat Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can be easy to do. Mornings are busy, managing a ton of activities, sending kids to school, braving your commute, it can be a lot. Skipping breakfast does not help. Breakfast gives you energy, it fuels you, makes you feel better and keeps you from a grumbling tummy throughout the day until lunchtime.

9. Skinny Girls Exercise Daily

Getting in that daily workout helps slim people stay skinny as well as help with things like depression. So make sure you get moving and sweat to help maintain and/or lose weight.

10. Skinny Girls Skip the Family Size

Skinny girls snack. When you snack, skip family size, again, empty calories. Family size is meant for families, anyway, not individual servings. If you have trouble with this, opt for the mini bags or 100-calorie snack packs.

11. Skinny Girls Drink Water

Drink lots of water. Drink throughout the day and if you have trouble with this get an app!

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12. Skinny Girls Have a Nightly Routine

Have a regular nighttime routine including going to bed the same time every night. This makes a big difference.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight can really be a battle but hopefully these skinny girl tips help. It’s all about balance and encouraging healthy habits. Give these tips a try and let us know how you do!

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